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Leading the Change in Cyber Security

At Aquila-I we believe, Cyber Security leaders can effectively thwart Cyber attacks given insights and visibility of their organization and surroundings. We deliver a comprehensive threat view across key areas impacting organization security posture and help them maintain their strong guard against Cyber attacks.

What Makes Aquila I Unique

SaaS Model

Scalable,  Adaptable and Definable

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Agile Solution

built to fit in any organization, and deliver complete Cyber threat View

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Managed Services

Delivering Cyber Security posture through Experts

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Flexible Licensing 

Achieve your Cyber Security goals with flexible licensing

Cyber Attack Simulation

Cyber Awareness


Servicing in Multiple Industries

Key Customers

Global Presence


Reviews and Feedback

Leading Manufacturing Industry Organization
We've been able to protect our company against cyber threats thanks to Aquila I. This comprehensive solution covers all our needs, from security threats identification to prevention and protection. With this, we are a step ahead of cybercriminals, protecting our employees, systems, and data.

- By IT Leader

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