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To become one of your biggest assets in the battle against cybercrime, educate your employees. Gain complete control of your staff's cybersecurity education without the need for manual intervention with Aquila I Cyber Awareness Solution.

How does Aquila I Awareness Training Work?

Cyber Awarenes Training

User Behaviour

Understanding and assessing specific user requirements in order to assign training modules

Cybersecurity Awareness Training


Focused training courses aimed at helping employees identify Cyber Attacks

Employee Security Training


Assess your employees based on the undergone trainings and understand their maturity in cybersecurity knowledge

Organisation Security


Gratify your employees based on undergone trainings to boost their morale



Focused, data-driven dashboard for building user resilience

Cybersecurity Awareness Training, Cybersecurity tool, Online Awareness Training

A comprehensive approach for promoting cybersecurity knowledge and awareness

Gives you a tested framework for achieving security goals

Online training in cybersecurity that is specifically focused at the responsibilities, weaknesses, and skills of your users

Gives you all the statistics that your CISO needs at a single place

Multiple Types of Awareness Content

Video Cybersecurity Trainings

Video Trainings

Interactive Videos, Employee Cybersecurity Awareness

Interactive Videos

Cybersecurity Infographics, Cybersecurity Awareness Info


Cybersecurity Games, Cybersecurity Quizes, Cybersecurity Training


Cybersecurity Awareness Presentations


Cybersecurity Awareness Posters, Cybersecurity Informative Posters



Rich content used by Security Practioners around the world, made easy to learn & Simplified concepts

Multiple formats of communication (videos, Infographics and pre-designed modules)

Detailed Training reports for every level

Custom reminders for trainees

Flexible & customizable content, built to suit organizational needs

Engaging users through Gamifications and Interactive Trainings

Management dashboard

Detailed Training reports for every level

Try it yourself to see it in action

We can help you build your own customized Awareness Program
Take a look at how simple it is to train your users!

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