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Aquila I - DMARC solution is designed to make your life easier; giving you the option of one-time implementation, fulltime support, and a platform with a price that comes fully customizable to suit your needs.

DMARC Implementation Process

Step 1

Implement SPF, DKIM, and DMARC

Step 2

DMARC policy enforcement: Reject unauthenticated email

Step 3

Protect and uphold your Reputation as a brand

Step 4

On your email gateway, enable DMARC verification

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Benefits of DMARC

User friendly DMARC Report overview

Prevent emails from being tampered with in transit (when using DKIM)

Prevent phishing attacks from reaching user inboxes

Stop your domain from being spoofed

Understand who is sending messages from a particular domain

Use DMARC reports to understand how attackers are trying to use their domain



360 degree protection against misuse of your domain

Aquila I DMARC, Email Security Solution, Email Deliverability, Communication Security, DKIM, SPF.

Report Overview with Analytical and Comprehensive DMARC Data

Get visibility accross all channels sending emails on your behalf

Get real-time insights into phishing attacks and other fraudulent use

Simple reporting and charts for rapid analysis of compliance against each of your domains

How does DMARC Work ?


We monitor for domain names containing brand terms. A domain infringement of this nature can damage a brand, often outranking the true brand in search engine results


An overview of your entire domain on a single pane of glass. Get total visibility on everything happening in your domain, and dive deep into the smaller details with our interactive charts and widgets


Complete managed services from deployment to management: We will guide you through every phase of the DMARC implementation and deployment and later, the maintenance process


No excess capital expenditures, extra human resources, or infrastructure to deploy and manage the Aquila I DMARC solution. We truly standby for delivering a complete value proposition and ensuring Higher ROI

How strong is your Email Security Posture?

We can help you strengthen it,
Get a detailed analysis of your email security posture today.

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