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Email Archival

Email archiving is the process of securely preserving and storing emails and their attachments so they can be easily accessed and searched over the long term. This involves capturing and indexing email communications to ensure they are always available and intact.

Benefits of Email Archival


Offers a unified platform for managing email archiving across multiple email systems and clients.


Reduces the load on primary email servers by offloading older emails to the archive.


Allows for the implementation of legal holds to prevent deletion of relevant emails during litigation.


Reduces the risk of data breaches and unauthorized access to emails.


Provides advanced search capabilities, allowing quick and precise retrieval of emails.


Offers flexible deployment options, including on-premises, cloud, and hybrid solutions.

Why Aquila I Email Archival?

Organizations face compliance issues, data loss, higher storage costs, inefficiency, and loss of knowledge.

  • Manages and reduces storage space on mail servers, improving performance and saving costs.

  • Easily scales to accommodate growing email volumes as your business expands

  • Quickly retrieve archived emails, crucial during audits or legal inquiries.

  • Reduces storage costs by up to 60% through de-duplication and compression.

  • Ensures emails are retained for the required period according to regulations, avoiding fines

  • Access controls to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive information.

  • Works seamlessly with platforms like Microsoft Office 365 and Google Workspace.

  • Simple to set up and maintain, suitable for organizations without dedicated IT departments.

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Automatic, real-time archiving for multiple email platforms.


Administrative console for managing archival policies, user permissions, and system settings.


Meets regulatory requirements with legal hold and audit trails.


Role-based access controls to restrict who can view or manage archived emails.


Scalability to handle growing volumes of email data.

AQUIlA I - Jacket Folder Dossier (Digital) (13th march)  (8).png

Compatibility with various email clients and servers.

AQUIlA I - Jacket Folder Dossier (Digital) (13th march)  (9).png

Simplifies administration with centralized policy management and reporting.

Wants to maximize savings, minimize storage cost with Aquila I Email Archival?

Get a Demo today for Email Archival.

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