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Digital Risk Monitoring

Digital Risk Monitoring keeps an ongoing eye on many sources to spot and notify exposed brand assets. Keeping watch over your brands across all digital channels is a continuous challenge. We help you resolve that challenge, and share actionable insights and intelligence for you.

Get full visibility on

Look-a-Like Domain​

Monitor and Prevent spoofing attacks with your look a like Business domains​

Application​ Scan​

Monitor Applications on Application aggregator platforms and Thwart Fraudulent use of your brand identity​

Social Media Scan​

Analyze and monitor Brand presence on social media platforms​

Content Crawling

Monitor the legitimate usage of your Brand Keywords on the internet

Web Defacement

Monitor your website for any impact or change due to Cyber breach

Dark Web Monitoring​

Scan and prevent data leakages on Dark web for your organization ​



Online threats are constantly evolving, making it challenging to monitor potential online brand infringements.

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We develop strategic brand protection and monitoring

We implement crucial approach to maintain your brand's integrity and rights

We help you identify your brand imposters

Infrastructure Security Threats

Look-a-like Domain

Look –a-Like Domain​

  • Spoofed Domain List​

  • Originating IP’s

  • Location & Owner Details​

  • Reputation Data and Hosting Data

  • Takedown Process

Content Crawling, Brand Monitoring

Content Crawling

  • Fake profile Presence of Executives on Social Media

  • Owner Profile Details

  • Takedown and Reporting Process and Assistance

Application Scan​, Brand Monitoring

Application Scan​

  • Look–a-like application​

  • Brand Mentions on Application ​

  • Rogue Application Monitoring​

  • Application History and Owner Details​

  • Takedown Process and Assistance​

Web Defacement, Brand Monitoring

Web Defacement

  • Monitor defacement for your website

  • Real-time continuous monitoring

  • Early detection of security breaches

Social Media Scan, Brand Monitoring

Social Media Scan ​

  • Spoof Brand Presence on SM – Account/Pages​

  • Online Reputation Score​

  • Page/Account Owner Insights​

  • Brand Mentions on Social Media – Tags or Text mentions​

  • Take down Or Report Process and Assistance​

Dark Web Monitoring​, Brand Monitoring

Dark Web Monitoring​

  • Identify Dark web Presence

  • Data Leakages​

  • Key Word Search on Darkweb​

  • Credentials exposure​


Gain deeper context behind every brand threat reported

Add specific brand/product watchwords and fine-tune results

Export results into excel and PDFs

Extensive coverage across third- party app stores for rogue app detection

No capital expenditures, extra human resources or infrastructure to deploy and manage​

Want to protect your brand from Identity theft?

Protect your Brand Identity in the digital Landscape with Aquila I Digital Risk Monitoring today!

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