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What’s a WhatsApp Pink Scam?How to keep yourself Protected?

Updated: Jul 7, 2023

Users are being deceived by scammers who encourage them to install a WhatsApp variant named 'WhatsApp Pink,' which has a pink theme and maliciously gathers their personal information and data.

A message with the title "forwarded" is making the rounds on WhatsApp and claims that a new version of the programme dubbed "WhatsApp Pink" is now available. Users are enticed by the message's promise of a pink-themed user interface and upgraded features for the well-known messaging service. Additionally, the notification has a handy link that consumers may click to start the download of the indicated programme.

The reality is that "WhatsApp Pink" is a deceptive programme designed to illegally steal personal information, such as financial information, one-time passwords (OTPs), photographs, and contact details when loaded on a smartphone, despite the fact that it may first appear to be an exclusive update.

The scam was first uncovered by internet security researcher in April 2021. The scam appears to have revived, as the Mumbai Police Cyber Crime Wing sent a tweet to raise awareness about it and give safety tips.

The programme is especially harmful since it may access users' WhatsApp contacts and potentially infect other people's devices.

Protection against the WhatsApp Pink Scam

  • It is advised to always download and install software from reputable websites like the Google Play Store in order to safeguard yourself against these frauds. Fortunately, because Apple forbids the installation of programmes from unknown sources, iPhone owners are often immune from such frauds.

  • The installation of programmes from unfamiliar websites or Android application packages (APKs) distributed by unknown people must also be avoided.

  • Furthermore, the presence of the 'forwarded' label on WhatsApp can be useful in identifying whether the message originated from your friend or from an external source.

  • Exercising caution and avoiding to click on links from unknown sources unless you have verified their authenticity, keeps you away from such scams.

  • Staying informed and vigilant about cybercriminal activities by staying updated with the latest news and updates will help protect yourself from fraud attempts.

How to Remove WhatsApp Pink?

· In case users have clicked on the link they are advised to uninstall the app as soon as possible.

· To remove WhatsApp Pink from a device, users must first make sure the app is not linked with any other devices. This can be checked under the 'Linked devices' section in WhatsApp.

· It has been reported that after installing WhatsApp Pink, the app may attempt to hide from the list of installed apps. Therefore, manually removing suspicious devices is an essential step in uninstalling the app.

· Furthermore, checking all download folders to make sure there is no additional file from the download still available on a device is crucial to making sure the user data is protected.

· Avoid sharing personal or financial information, such as login credentials, passwords, credit or debit card details, online with anyone to prevent misuse

· Lastly, when receiving such messages, do not forward it to others, make sure that the scam is not spread to unsuspecting or more vulnerable users. If the message has been spread from your device, please make sure to warn those who have received it.

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